The thing that intrigues me the most is this species we call human. I can never really understand him, but I want to. Some of us are saints or psychopaths, but most of us are in the vague middle of all of this, and under the right circumstances we are capable of almost anything, either good or evil. So where does that leave us, who are we?

Looking into true nature of humankind often scares me, but every now and then I am blown away by pure beauty. The stories I find along the way are sad and happy and frightening and incredibly amazing. I want to share them all with you and I do this in the language I speak best, which is mostly photography, and sometimes words.

Documentary & portrait photography to tell the stories of the world, and in my personal work I’m constantly trying to understand it all at once. I keep failing.

Annelies Verhelst (1988), currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here’s what I look like: