Some of us are saints or psychopaths, but most of us are in the vague middle of all of this, and under the right circumstances we are capable of almost anything, either good or evil. So where does that leave us, who are we?

Looking into true nature of humankind often scares me, but every now and then I am blown away by pure beauty. The stories I find along the way are sad and happy and frightening and incredibly amazing. I want to share them all with you and I do this in the language I speak best, which is sometimes photography or video, and sometimes words. And sometimes totally different things.

Most of the things I do in life circle back to the importance of human connection. I strongly believe that truly meeting each other, connecting, trying to understand the other person, is key in solving most problems we as a species have. We are all afraid of the unknown, and we don’t all have the right tools to prevent fear from becoming the directors of our life. Looking into somebody else’s eyes is more often then not the perfect tool to soften our minds and make both of our lives more beautiful.

Other projects
I am kwartiermaker at Lola Luid
I am one half of performance duo confetti/
I am a professional at playing outside.
I create a podcast about murder and mystery together with Sylvia Mulder, called Al Sla Je Me Dood. Or listen to my old radioshow/podcast Rradio.
I make very bad drawings to go with my ultra short stories called Verhalen voor het Slapengaan
I photograph the hysterical side of life in my instagram stories
I do the production of concerts, festivals, theatre productions, community art projects and other awesome events.
My favourite colour is yellow and I’m looking for a partner that wants to help me secretly paint the whole city of Amsterdam yellow one night.
I make video’s

Subjects and things most close to my heart 
Colour / the colour yellow / what people’s favourite colours are
Patriarchal structures in societies and how to destroy them
People that are wearing almost exactly the same clothes without being aware of it
Dogs on leashes that are into each other with owners that stand next to them but don’t want to talk to each other.
Menstruation and how to make something 50% of the population experiences 20% of the time, more normal to talk about.
Posters of missing cats
Mirroring objects
Confetti / glitter

+31 6 57243712
annelies @ anneliesverhelst.com