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This is what interests me: Saints and psychopaths and everything in between. Like most things, this is a spectrum. A very fluid one. Humans are bizarre, which is why I love most of them deeply.

I want to tell you their stories.

Most of the things I do in life circle back to the importance of human connection. I strongly believe that truly meeting each other, connecting, trying to understand the other person, is key in solving most problems we as a species have. We are all afraid of the unknown, but looking into somebody else’s eyes is the perfect tool to soften our minds.

Other projects
I am one half of beeldmakersduo Buro Guru
I create a podcast about murder and mystery together with Sylvia, called Al Sla Je Me Dood. Or listen to my old radioshow/podcast Rradio.
I do the production of concerts, festivals, theatre productions, community art projects and other awesome events.
My favourite colour is yellow and I’m looking for a partner that wants to help me secretly paint the whole city of Amsterdam yellow one night.

Subjects and things most close to my heart 
Colour / the colour yellow / what people’s favourite colours are
Patriarchal structures in societies and how to destroy them
People that are wearing almost exactly the same clothes without being aware of it
Dogs on leashes that are into each other with owners that stand next to them but don’t want to talk to each other.
Posters of missing cats
Mirroring objects
Confetti / glitter

annelies @

And here’s a photo of me being very happy and organizing a parade, captured by the amazing Claudia Willmitzer